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Here at Marygate Preschool York (the “Company”) we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting any personal information that you provide to us. Our Privacy Policy explains our practices regarding the use and disclosure of your personal information. Please note that, the Company reviews and updates this Privacy Policy from time to time, as needed, and without notice. Therefore, you should review the terms of this policy periodically to make sure that you are aware of how Marygate Preschool York collects and uses personal information. By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by Marygate Preschool York as explained below. If you have questions regarding our Privacy Statement, please contact the Company Manager (

By using this website, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and any personal information submitted by you, implies consent for the collection, use and disclosure of that information by Marygate Preschool York (the “Company”). Marygate Preschool York may collect data information in the form of names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and other personal information. This information may be used to improve the content of our website and our service to our customers. Such information may be used to contact people via email or by regular mail, and to provide them with information that Marygate Preschool York believes may be of interest to them. Marygate Preschool York will not sell or transfer any personal information to others outside the Company.

Any information that is not personal to any person accessing this website or to someone else, shall be deemed to be non-confidential, and Marygate Preschool York shall be free to disclose and use the same, without any obligation whatsoever towards the source of such information, for any purpose and through any means. If at any time persons accessing this website do not wish us to contact them, or if they have any questions concerning our privacy policy, please feel free to email the Manager at Marygate Preschool York by sending an email to

By choosing to send a message to Marygate Preschool York via our website, persons accessing this site acknowledge that all non-personal information contained in all messages, feedback data, questions, comments, suggestions, or the like will be considered as non-confidential. Marygate Preschool York shall have no obligations of any kind with respect to such Feedback, and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, exhibit, display, transform, commercialise, create derivative works and distribute such information without limitation.

Marygate Preschool York shall not be held responsible for technical problems that may occur during the process of electronic transfer over international networks that result in others viewing your information. Under no circumstances should persons accessing this website use our website to send confidential or proprietary information.

[Last updated 10/05/2018]

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